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Er werd een Unix/Linux Systems Administrator gevraagd...17 mei 2018

Scanning and adding a new raw disk into LVM

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scan a disk using command fdisk -l and explained as usual LVM disk addition process Minder


What tools do you know to debug Linux binaries? How do they work?

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strace, prints out kernel syscalls, etc :)

Cognizant Technology Solutions

solaris,linux,vmware administration

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Vmware troubleshooting


1. Tell me about yourself. 2. How to run script in background? 3. How to create files in different ways? 4. How to substitute one word? 5. How to schedule cron job? 6. How to create new file system? 7. What parameters shows are in top command?

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I answered most of questions very well.


Reason for quiting current organization

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What do you like about IP Soft

Tactical Engineering Analysis

3 words to describe myself positively.

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Integrity, Discipline, Knowledge


Linux and windows administration


How many bytes there is in a MAC address?


What's the first packet sent to establish a TCP/IP connection?

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