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Walt Disney Company
Er werd een Lobby Concierge/Cashier gevraagd...18 juni 2014

A guest comes up to you and immediately asked to speak with a manager. What do you do?

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You first need to see if you can diffuse the situation yourself. Ask the guest if there is anything you can do to assist and what the problem seems to be. If the guest still refuses to tell you the problem, or you believe you do not have the power to help them they way they need to be helped that is when you go get the manager for them. Minder

CIC (Cambridge)

Could you explain a time when you and a coworker had differing opinions about operations and had to agree to disagree.

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provide example

Forrest Solutions

How well do I interact with people and am I willing to go the extra mile to help out others?

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Yes, I am completely comfortable with other professionals and I have excellent intuition when required to help offer guidance. Minder

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