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Er werd een Loss Prevention, Associate/Agent gevraagd...15 augustus 2010

If you caught an employee stealing a pack of gum what would you do?

2 antwoorden

Report it to your supervisor

Make sure you know who's you saw, so that you don't make any wrongful accusations. Afterwards, I would report it to the appropriate person. Minder


What is my previous experience

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I have worked convenient stores in the past . I am a people person. I love to interact with the public. Minder

I have worked convenient stores in the past. I am a people person and love to work with the public. Minder

Grid One Solutions, Inc.

Have you ever used tools ? And if so what kind?

1 antwoorden

I have used tools. I've used a screw driver, wrench, flat head screw driver, hammer and pliers. Minder

Bon-Ton Stores

"What is Integrity to You?"

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Very personal questions. Easy if you live an honest life.

Bon-Ton Stores

"What is Loss Prevention to You?"

1 antwoorden

You should know the ins and outs. Loss, Shrink, Safety, Compliance...


If you catch a kid who is under age would you arrest him?

1 antwoorden

yes. i would be helping him if i arrest him that way he learns his lesson.


Why do you choose td?

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Opportunities for growth

The Home Depot

Why do you want to work for Home Depot?

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When you are out of work and looking for a job, it is hard to answer "because you are hiring" Minder

U.S. Security Associates

Why did you leave your last employer

1 antwoorden

Hey how are you??

Bryant Park Hotel

Do you do drugs?

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No. (Never heard that asked at an interview before btw.)

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