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How do you see yourself in 5 years? Why do you want to work as an "employeneur"?

If I now call your previous employer and ask what are your main technical skills, what will he reply? What would be your main expertise?

They make you sign an NDA. I can not share here.

-summarize earlier ML projects you've worked on -how would you set up your train/test splits -how would you implement a forecasting algorithm for demand/supply -what are some features you think we should implement in the product -how would you monitor the health of ML models? -how would you act if an ML model has poor health? -what are the most important software engineering practices for Python? -Would you design your ML pipeline as batch inference or direct inference and why?

Onderbouwen van je ambities en het maken van een vaardigheden assessment waren keypoints van de sollicitatieprocedure