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Er werd een Research Engineer - Machine Learning Engineer gevraagd...16 juli 2020

Leetcode medium questions such as dfs, bfs, dp.

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just use the standard solutions, it's easy

Bloomberg L.P.

After you have decided which features to use, describe the process of constructing feature-vectors

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It was almost all about tf-idf vectorizer


I was given example data points and was asked how I would analyze and interpret these data.

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I answered the interviewer's questions to the best of my ability but I think they were looking for a more confident, concrete answer than the one I gave (which explained the high uncertainty of any prediction given the very small sample size). Minder

Bloomberg L.P.

How do you implement feature selection in text classification?

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Mutual information / chi-squared criteria

Bloomberg L.P.

General C++ questions: exceptions in constructors / stack unwinding, step-by-step creation of objects (order of constructors & members initialization), virtual inheritance. Specific question - can you use 'auto_ptr' in vectors?

Median Leetcode question, meaning that they don't have a specific expectation of skill set that the candidate should possess, other than logic and general algorithm on Leetcode.

Bloomberg L.P.

Implement function to find all common ancestors of two nodes in a binary tree


What is cross-validation? Some algorithm questions (graphs, arrays etc.) ML discussion with a focus on fraud detection


Question were related to resume.


I was asked about CNNs , Transfer Learning, and general computer vision concepts

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