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Huawei Technologies
Er werd een Machine Learning Researcher gevraagd...7 december 2018

How would you mitigate overfitting?

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Dropout, Data augmentation

add more data, dropout, data augmentation


the difficulty for coding test is like leetcode medium or hard...

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how about math test?

Gilead Sciences

Most related to my PhD thesis

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Another great piece of content from Rooftop Slushie:


Short coding question

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Question on statistical concepts/intuition

Bloomberg L.P.

More on machine learning algorithms. Easy coding question

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Can you provide more details on the questions please?


Implement a normalising flow based on the Glow paper.

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Code needs to be completed in a notebook


They gave me an example situation with 10 labels and asked me how I would treat the data to have a model training. Each label also had a specific data type. They only accepted one specific solution

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I used a DL model but they wanted a Data Science reply :-)


Leetcode medium questions such as dfs, bfs, dp.

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just use the standard solutions, it's easy


Describe a project where things didn't work out as expected.

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Gave example


You have a linked list of numbers, how would you return the median ? Follow up, what is the worst case performance?

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Basic data structures. Sorting algorithm. Calculate indices used to return or compute the median. Use indices in loop. Minder

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