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Er werd een Mail Room Clerk gevraagd...16 december 2017

Nothing important but to sit and look stupid.

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Your commute is 40 minutes, will that be a problem? What experience do you have in this job? What did you do in your last job?

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When I was available to begin working.

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I told them the appropriate answer.

Randstad US

What are you looking for in a job.

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I am looking for a position in which I could grow. I do not want to do Customer Service, I would rather do mail room work, or administrative assistant work. Minder


How would you handle a very upset customer about their late or missing mail?

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I answered by saying that I/We will look into it, backtrack and check the log sheet and will give him/her an update ASAP and apologize right away for the inconvenience that had happened. Minder

TForce Final Mile

How would your last employer describe me?

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That I'm a dedicated work orientated individual

Solstice East

he asked what i did

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yes i did

Northwestern University

Are you committed?

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Bank Leumi USA

They asked me about my work history/experience and departure from news.

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I begin working in television news straight from high school. All of my life, I've worked in television news. I literally began as a camera operator and worked my way up to Director. I left because I was young and wanted to test myself in other fields. So, I left and began other endeavors. I went back to school and did freelance work for films and other tv networks. Which has been rewarding. Minder

Faber & Brand

Why do you want this job? What is your major?

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