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Er werd een Project Manager/Implementation Consultant gevraagd...18 maart 2011

You have a bouquet of flowers. All but two are roses, all but two are daisies, and all but two are tulips. How many flowers do you have?

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The solution is quite simple, if you start with the “All but 2” first: Roses = All but 2 = Two flowers are not a rose; one tulip, one daisy Daisies = All but 2 = Two flowers are not a daisy; one rose, one tulip Tulips = All but 2 = Two flowers are not a tulip; one rose, one daisy Answer: One rose, one daisy, one tulip. Minder

3 flowers - 1 rose, 1 daisy and 1 tulip

I would say, "Do you consider three flowers to be a bouquet?"

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How many minutes before 5pm is it if 30 mins ago it was four times as many minutes after 3pm?

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The answer is 18 minutes. It made sense to me to sketch a timeline showing the 3 components of time given in the problem that add up to the 120 minute total span. (X = minutes before 5pm, 30 min gap, and 4X is time between 3pm and the start of the 30 min gap.) Visually and chronologically it would look something like: 3pm --> 4X --> 30 min --> X --> 5pm. So then algebraically, the equation is 4X + 30 min + X = 120 min. Therefore 5X = 90 or X = 18. Minder

18 mins before 5 = 4:42. 30 before 4:42 puts the time at 4:12. There are 72 minutes between 3 and 4:42 divided by 4 is 18. So the answer is 18 mins before 5pm. Minder

That last explanation seems like you need to know the answer before you even start trying to solve. My solution is as follows: 30 minutes before 5 is 4:30 leaving 90 minutes between 3 and then. The remaining time needs to be split into an interval so that x4 exists. The most logical interval would be in 5ths because the 4 proceeding intervals would be 4x greater then the following. 90/5=18 for each interval. 18 being four times less then 72 minutes proceeding it. This literally look me about a minute and a half to reason through, which I'm assuming the interviewer would not want to sit through. Guess I would fail. Minder

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An apple costs 40 cents, a banana costs 60 cents, and grapefruit costs 80 cents. Under the same circumstances, how much does a pear cost?

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40 cents... it's 20 cents per vowel, not 10.

40 cents. 20 cents for each cents.

Hey Blake - while that answer is very creative, this particular question was given during a 12-question-3-minute math test. I'd say that you might have a hard time writing all of your economics answer down in three minutes. Nice answer, though! Minder

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Array Information Technology

All the questions were around project management.

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The position was for project analyst so yes, the questions were around project management. We went to bat all around and 2 weeks is not a long time for an offer when there are other candidates to interview. The offer wasnt declined. When we sent the offer, we were ghosted and never received a decline. ARRAY is an amazing company and I feel lucky to be here. Management is the best I have ever worked under. They make you feel like family. Minder

Shared my experience with other potential candidates who are serious about their PERSONAL INFORMATION. Minder

People make mistake. Sounds like you are hyper sensitive. My offer was a great experience. With ARRAY Minder

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Norwegian Cruise Line

How did you hear about us?

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Again not selling yourself. Make your answers sound more enthusiastic about the job. How did you hear about us? I've seen your adds on TV, billboards, In magazines at the Dr 's office. Freestyle Cruising right? I started to wonder more about your company. Then I saw your post on (job board name here) and I got excited. This is my chance I thought. I could get my foot in the door and make a career change. I've always wondered what it would be like working for a company as well known as yours. I think that the travel and tourism industry is a perfect place to go for a career change. Minder

Through a job board.

With that answer you might have just killed two birds with one stone. Her next question would be, why do you want to work for us? If she needs to ask that question see my comment on the next question. Remember.. you are the product.. you need to sell yourself.. It's a cruise line... they are a form of entertainment.. so be entertaining. Minder


There are three buckets, one with apples, one with oranges, and one with a mixture of both. They are all labeled wrong. You can pick one piece of fruit from one bucket, what would you pick to determine what is in all three buckets?

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I posted the question, sorry, I should have answered it. You pick a piece from the basket labeled "mixed." This is because you know it is labeled wrong (every basket is). So, if you pull out an orange you know that the basket holds only oranges. Now you have one basket figured out, and you know the remaining two are also mislabeled, so you switch their labels and you're done. Minder

The question should state that the label always lie. If the label says "Apple Only" it could be "Mixture" or "Orange only" So the one labeled "Mixture" is either "Apple Only" or "Orange Only". So you choose Mixture and what ever fruit you get is the label that is correct. Then switch the other two. Minder

All of the answers are close but not entirely correct. Any box is labeled incorrectly. Choose the mixture box. If you pick out an orange, it is necessarily an orange only box. The other two must only be the mixture or apples only. The mislabeld apples only box must be the mixture because it is mislabeled and there are only 2 other choices left. The last box is the mixture. This is the order in which you must think, although the particular fruit you pick up first could be either apple or orange. Minder

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Holland America

What is your background?

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Told them what I thought they wanted to hear. Exactly, what they were doing to me. Minder

I'm work on the board, as a waiter

I have (BST) basic safety training, PASSPORT, and seaman book. 6 year i'm work on the board as a waiter and second chef Minder


A man just finished painting his house and goes to the hardware store to get something more. He finds what he is looking for and the clerk says "One for $1." The man replies, "I need 600, so here's $3." What did he buy?

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600 is the number of his house. He bought 3 numbers.

Apparently they bought 3 of whatever it was and stole 597. This was just his fancy one-liner before he held up the store. Haha, I feel like this answer fits the description really well but it probably isn't the right one. Minder

The man needed to put his address on his house. 600 was his address. So he bought 3 numbers. A six and two zeros. Each number cost his one dollar. Minder

Booz Allen Hamilton

"What else can you tell me that would make me interested in hiring you?"

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I gave examples of previous experiences and how I, step by step, addressed a specific business problem from start to finish and I emphasized that these business skills would translate over to the interviewer's company. Minder

*fit not "fie".

Ask yourself a question: Have you ever behaved like you believe a BAH employee would? I have. I work with BAH employees, and from the outside looking in I can name a few behavioral traits that make me a good fie: Integrity, Professionalism and Competence. Read the company's core value statements and make sure to take ownership of them. Minder


Situational questions and assessment of maturity/seniority. Questions on how I dealt with project members who did not pull their weight.

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What other factors are present in their personal/ home life?

explain the steps to help resolve the problem. is it due to wrong fit/skill set? disinterest? is this their normal behavior? Minder

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