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Er werd een Event Project Manager gevraagd...28 oktober 2020

How do you manage your time?

3 antwoorden

I always belive time is more pricious .and I will clear the project with the expected time Minder

I will give the bussness time to manage

I will be a good knowledge person so I will give the time with a expected limit

Outset Events

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Why did you choose Outset Events? A lot of questions about me and my expectations.

1 antwoorden

The first one I was a little taken aback, mostly talked about family goals. Why Outset; because I read about the opportunity and wanted to see what it was all about. Minder

Vibe Concepts

Would I be interested in a fast track management trainee program?

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I said yes and no. I needed more information about the job and responsibilities, since the job title was confusing. They titled the position from a marketing standpoint so it changed the outlook of the position I thought I was interviewing for. Minder


What are your weaknesses?

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"My weakness is that it sometimes takes me a minute to figure out what makes people "tick" when trying to market/sell them a product, and finding that key to making them want to act on buying immediately." Minder

Blitz Tampa

Vague. Do you like sales?

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I was already suspect on the experience and asked to plainly explain what the role was. Minder


Quelle est votre parcours

1 antwoorden

description de mon parcours


Request to review NDAs from previous employer (which was in validity for 2 years beyond the time of end of contract).

1 antwoorden

No problem! I had to get clearance from the legal department of the previous company. Minder


Tell me about yourself

1 antwoorden

What is one weakness and one strength

Source Marketing Direct

What did you notice all the people in the waiting room have in common?

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I noted that they all looked young or were recent graduates.

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