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Er werd een Facilities Project Manager gevraagd...16 november 2015

"Why do you like facilities?"

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"I enjoy the work...... And I'm really, really. good at it."

What was your prior experience when applying to this position? Thanks


What was my experience with working with General Contractors?

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About 5 years, and that it takes some finesse in dealing with them. We are trying to get the job done in a timely manner, and that sometimes it's hard to work through them. Minder


After reviewing my resume they ask how soon could i start.

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I gave two weeks at my prior employer, and went to work for Therakos.



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Must know construction


specific details about previous projects, people managing

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Detailed !


Mgr admonished me on the my attitude because I voiced my opinion about the electronic application form. .

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Would not attempt applying again.

Snohomish County PUD

When managing a project that was falling behind schedule, describe how you would get it back on track.

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I would check my resource capabilities and see if it was possible to crash the schedule or move more resources to that task. If not look at reducing scope or outsourcing. Minder

University of Maryland

Why did you apply because your resume does not spell out that you are a Facilities process manager

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I stated that my back ground was a perfect fit as I have been field service engineer which is part customer service, part hand holder, part supervisor and owner of a project from cradle to grave. Minder

CentraState Healthcare System

Asked If I was comfortable working in a hospital environment with current covid-19 situation.

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Yes I was as I was applying for a job in a hospital.

Publicis Re:Sources

Walk us through your career history?

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My first experiences in the work arena were in food service as a boy. Unrelated but given a sense of team-work and comraderie that stayed with me; selling B2B in a major city as a twenty-something-year-old impressed upon me commitment to results, drive and honing my sales communication skills, which later helped in becoming the leading salesman/real estate for a small office in Boston. That success drove me to attempt an independant venture--which exposed me to less obvious issues involving personnel and ownership--and increased my depth of knowledge in human personal problems at an organizational level. This stage was also the beginning of property acquisition outside of my personal residence, which was not only a brillian move, but led to the development of other key skills: legal knowledge of tenant-landlord relations, building codes, building skill certifications and licenses, property management, major hand-on renovations including bathrooms and maintainence. Minder

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