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Miracle Software Systems
Er werd een Business Development Manager gevraagd...8 mei 2019

1. Do you have experience selling software? 2. Are you comfortable with travel? 3. How do you feel about training others and/or are you willing to train others? 4. Why are you leaving your current place of work? 5. Without given a contact name or contact number for a company what are your procedures to obtain the information of a decision maker?

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To be honestly i don't have an experience on selling software but i can do it as u are expecting on me Minder

Yes I'm comfortable on traveling and i love it

Training to others is a good thing i feel proud about on it

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Square Yards

Can you work more than 10 hours every day ?

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I have already worked there and it's slavery job go and exp it


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Why do you want to get in health care industry

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To grow more and improve my self with new things to succeed my goal

My interest is in skin hair from my first job

Iam interested in this feel

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Delta Balustrades

Who are you?

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Personal traits and qualities

And you are also a brethren company who are well known for their discriminatory values and opinions who also pay different rates to brethren/non-brethren staff performing the same role Minder

Please state the nationalities of employees/ experience/ qualification and to what capacity they operate at within delta?? Minder

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DSV Air & Sea

can you speak English?

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Yes, I can.

yes, my dreams are in English Language.

Yes sure I can

Carnow, Conibear & Associates

What would you do to grow our business. How would someone know this if they were not from that industry.

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The COO or what ever he's calling himself was a joke. He knew very little of the business and wanted everyone out of the firm that realized he was an insecure buffoon. The owner needed a son more than a leader. Minder

Out of the box thinking ideas come to people who are not from that business. Also the ideas that worked in other industries that we can use here. Minder

I would examine your 80/20 and profit margins and make determinations of where we were wasting our time and focus on the 80/20. The COO could not tell me event when I was hired what these were and he labeled himself as a numbers guy. What a joke. Minder


why was i suited to the role?

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Also had a bad experience in the same way, still haven't had any word back and I interviewed and emailed for follow up back in October. Minder

I assure you sir,I will do my level best & more for the Company's Success,Progress, & Reputation with my hard work.I had some experience in similar & variety management jobs sir. Minder

my experience in my current role coupled with my driven personality

BMI Research

What makes a great sales person?

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Listening, Persistent and Strategic

Finding the needs on the market

Great listener, Relentless Solution provider, Consistent follow ups at measured intervals, and Provides feedbacks and after sales check ups Minder


Can you sign the agreement so that we can process your details and then we'll amend it afterwards.

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What do you think a business development manager does on a daily basis?

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Two good things they do right seals and proposals

Sales and proposes

I know what I would do as a business development manager, but how could I possibly know what they expect as an answer. I felt that was a loaded question. I answered with a response of how I would create new business. Minder

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