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Bij een sollicitatiegesprek voor een managersfunctie kunnen werkgevers vragen stellen die uw vaardigheden op het gebied van communicatie, leiderschap en teambuilding testen. Verwacht vragen waarmee u uw capaciteit om te motiveren en medewerkers leiding te geven, moet aantonen. Benadruk bij het beantwoorden van vragen uw vermogen om goed samen te werken, werk te delegeren en om te gaan met uitdagende situaties.

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Meest gestelde sollicitatievragen voor een manager (M/V/X) en hoe te antwoorden

Tips om deze drie veelgestelde sollicitatievragen voor een manager te beantwoorden:

Vraag 1: Hoe meet u succes op de werkplek?

Zo antwoordt u: Door deze vraag kan de vragensteller achterhalen hoe u doelen stelt, leiding geeft aan werknemers en succes evalueert. Concentreer u op het succes van uw werkteam in hoe u succes op de werkplek bepaalt, plant en meet. Geef voorbeelden van eerdere successen als u managementervaring hebt.

Vraag 2: Hoe zou u het ontslag van een werknemer aanpakken?

Zo antwoordt u: Deze vraag test uw vermogen om professioneel om te gaan met een moeilijke managementtaak. Uw antwoord moet de stappen omvatten die u zou nemen voor het ontslag, waaronder dossiervorming en samenwerken met HR. Als u eerdere ervaring op dit vlak hebt, beschrijf dan de door u gebruikte methoden en wat u eventueel anders zou doen.

Vraag 3: Hoe gaat u om met een conflict tussen werknemers?

Zo antwoordt u: Met deze vraag kunnen vragenstellers uw vermogen testen voor het omgaan met stress op de werkplek, de medewerkercommunicatie verbeteren, omgaan met conflicten en een samenhangend team bouwen. Beschrijf de methoden die u zou gebruiken om personeelsproblemen op te lossen en geef voorbeelden van conflictoplossingen uit uw werkverleden. Uw antwoord moet uw volwassenheid en verantwoordelijkheidsgevoel als manager aantonen.

Meest gestelde sollicitatievragen

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Er werd een IT Manager gevraagd...16 mei 2016

Both the rounds of interview were conducted in structured format where the panelists ask questions related to candidate's experience. They also gave scenarios to which candidates had to respond appropriately.

271 antwoorden

Itz around 130% for me

They are setting up new facility in bagmane so it seems like its gonna take time. Minder

anyone attended interview on 19th may got any news

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If you had 5,623 participants in a tournament, how many games would need to be played to determine the winner

62 antwoorden

5,622. Assuming it is a single elimination tournament. All teams lose one game except the champs. It's always # of teams - 1 Minder

The correct answer is: "I didn't come here to play bulls**t games for 8 hours, you Mac-slinging hipster. Ask me a real question." Minder

It can be just one game. A huge mock battle.

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If you were asked to unload a 747 full of jelly beans, what would you do?

61 antwoorden

Assuming they are loose jellybeans, and their unloading needs to be managed rather than just dumped on the tarmac ... Start by phoning the people at the other end, of the process. They managed to load an entire plane with jellybeans! Any group that can figure out how to fill a plane with jellybeans may be a big help in undoing this mess. Minder

Put an ad on craigslist "Free jellybeans - won't last. Hurry!". They'll all be gone in no time. Minder

I would do it. The question is not "how" you would do it.

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The online assessments were 3 tests total, quite intense. The first interview was a screening interview to the real interview. I am currently waiting on the (hopefully) final interview.

51 antwoorden

Update; so I took the online test last week on Thursday and passed, then yesterday (Thursday) I got a phone call and the last asked if now was a good time for the phone interview. I was surprised that she called me to do the phone interview, I expected it to be scheduled in advance. SoI did that and she said I passed that also and I would be getting a call from the local office to come in for an in person interview. So it was exactly 1 week for me from Test to phone interview. I am assuming things are speeding up now. I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for the in person. I really hope its soon because I have other interviews next week and naturally I will have to accept an offer if I get one first (the bird in hand thing) but I want to give Verizon the priority as thats my first choice. Interesting thread we have here. Where is everyone located? I am in NYC Minder

I applied 6/27/16, email to take test on 7/17/16, passed test, on 8/20/16 got call to schedule face to face interview for 09/05/16. Got email the next day, thanking me for interview & that I will hear from them soon. Called recruiter 2 was later, she said I passed face to face & was still interviewing other & they are awaiting finalists. As of now it's been 4 week & a few days & still nothing. If I passed interview, what's the hold up? Or maybe it's just that many people that applied. I'm not sure, but this has been a very long and stressful procedure. Background, I have long year of sales and call center experience, so this is worrisome. Any of you guys had to wait this long for an offer? Minder

I called the recruiter and she said they were rushing to get through canadite's interviews and fast as possible and they haven't call anyone back yet. This was for the Philadelphia office. They told me in my interview classes started 11/07 which is soon so I'm not sure what's going on with them. It's ridiculous Minder

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Why Amazon?

51 antwoorden

It's no surprise that Amazon is the world's leading company in existence, with the highest profile & reputation bar none. I have always dreamt of being in a prestigious company as Amazon, as I know I have alot of to give in looking for thee most efficient ways to resolve any types of problems. I have extensive experience in the Customer care industry, & I can truly say that my life's passion is ensuring I can make people happy with the service I will provide. Minder

Am happy to i join amazon

“I really believe the vision that making Amazon the Earth’s most customer-centric company more than anyone and I wanted to be a part of it on it’s pursuit which is the reason and motivation driving me to join Amazon.” Minder

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How many people using facebook in San Francisco at 2:30pm on a Friday?

47 antwoorden

About 60 percent of adults (18+) Americans have a Facebook account. But we're talking San Francisco here--the Valhalla of Nerdery and all things internet--so lets bump that up to 80 percent (this 30 percent increase is justified by the fact that SF is 30 percent geekier than anywhere else...). For purposes of the question, let's limit this explicitly to the city of San Francisco--not the entire Bay Area. At night, SF is about 800,000 people strong. Let's assume a little over 20 percent of that population is either too old or young to use Facebook (it would be higher if mothers hadn't taken off FB...). Let's say that leaves 600,000 people (note: working with round numbers is better for these sorts of things). But then we have to take into account the fact people commute to and from SF! Nerds pour out into the South Bay, suits (e.g., bankers) come in from the East. I suspect the city population swells by 50 percent. If we toss in tourists and conference goers and everything else, 1 million people are in San Francisco at 2:30pm on a Friday. Eighty percent of those people use Facebook, so we have 800,000 possible Facebook users at that time. The final step is to figure out what percent of the 800,000 are using Facebook at 2:30pm. It's later in the day so I suspect it will be higher than at 11:00am. But I don't really have a good baseline to judge. When I walk around my office, roughly 10 to 20 percent of screens I see as around the office are on some non-work related thing at any time. Let's call that 15 percent and assume that all non-work related surfing by FB users includes some sort of use of FB. That means 120,000 people are using FB at 2:30pm on Friday in San Francisco. Minder

All of them. Facebook's corporate HQ is in Menlo Park, a suburb of San Francisco. So, anyone using Facebook is using "Facebook in San Francisco". Minder

Answer?... more than are using Google+

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You have a bouquet of flowers. All but two are roses, all but two are daisies, and all but two are tulips. How many flowers do you have?

44 antwoorden

3 flowers - 1 rose, 1 daisy and 1 tulip

The solution is quite simple, if you start with the “All but 2” first: Roses = All but 2 = Two flowers are not a rose; one tulip, one daisy Daisies = All but 2 = Two flowers are not a daisy; one rose, one tulip Tulips = All but 2 = Two flowers are not a tulip; one rose, one daisy Answer: One rose, one daisy, one tulip. Minder

I would say, "Do you consider three flowers to be a bouquet?"

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How lucky are you and why?

35 antwoorden

Studies have shown that what we call "luck" often boils down to the ability to notice an opportunity. Being alert, engaged, and creative is what lets you find and create those opportunities that others may have missed. I've never gotten more than $5 from a lotto scratcher, but I'm a very lucky person. Minder

I don't believe in luck-I believe in effort!

I always tell myself that luck is where preparation meets opportunity and I get lucky every now and then because I try to always be prepared in case any great opportunity might be passing by Minder

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United Airlines

Describe a time when you forgot something.

35 antwoorden

Yes it is a relieve to talk to u lol. Yea I saw that they posted the temporary CSR, let's hope so. I am so anxious to know I hate waiting for answers lol. Will definitely keep u posted too thanks. Enjoy ur day. Minder

Hello ladies, actually y'all are not going to believe what happened. So I passed the language test than 2days later a call from United telling me congratulations we want to give u the job if u r still interested, n of course I said yes, so to make a long story short I went to Houston airport to do drug test, fingerprints because she wanted me to B on March 21 class 3days later I received a call from background people asking for my education information since it's international so I have provided that yesterday on the 14 n by noon I HAVE RECEIVED MY ONBOARD WELCOMING ME TO UNITED, N FINISHING THE PAPERS WORK. TODAY AROUND 9:00 RECEIVED A CALL SAYING they are going to put me on the April class because my background is not ready yet n that the March 21 class is now filled. I was so ready for Monday but this happened. OMG can y'all believe that? Anyway I hope that everything will b OK to go for next month. So disappointed. CLH congrats again, anonymous don't worry ur time is right around the corner. CLH do u mind giving me ur email I would like to give u a message for somebody who's going to B there 2. Thanks girls. Minder

Hi, u r so welcome girl n yes indeed God only do what's best for us n to him we leave all our affairs. N thank you to u as well n one day will come where we all will wear United uniforms with a BIG smile. Have a wonderful weekend my dear. Minder

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Why is a tennis ball fuzzy?

34 antwoorden

The fuzz creates drag which helps stabilize the flight path of the ball. This principle is also used with dimples in Golf balls. Minder

It has no hands to hold the razor!

To help your walker slide gently across the floor

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