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CB Insights
Er werd een Market Response Representative gevraagd...31 augustus 2017

Tell us about your sales experience.

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What do you think are important qualities to have in an inbound sales role.

CB Insights

What kind of customers/clients do they attract?


Es gab einen Case (Beispielanrufer) und mehrere Fragen zum bisherigen Werdegang. Außerdem Fragen, die darauf eingehen, wie ich im Team arbeite und Probleme angehe, wie ich Feedback gebe bzw. annehme, was die strategische Aufgabe meiner Position sein könnte, etc.

Cority Software

How are your previous skills and work experience transferable? Do you see yourself in ____ role? Explain. What are you professional long term goals? Explain your Medgate product knowledge.


Why Netwrix, experiences, challenges in the past. What can you bring to netwrix

CB Insights

Why are you interested in a sales role?

CB Insights

Why are you interested in CB Insights? How did you hear about CB Insights? Why are you interested in a startup? How do you prioritize tasks? How do you stay organized?

CB Insights

How to describe what you think CB Insights does as a company?

Procore Technologies

Why sales? Why Procore? Can you tell me something about you that isn't on your resume?

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