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Er werd een Internet Marketing Analyst gevraagd...19 maart 2013

A Russian gangster kidnaps you. He puts two bullets in consecutive order in an empty six-round revolver, spins it, points it at your head and shoots. *click* You're still alive. He then asks you, do you want me to spin it again and fire or pull the trigger again. For each option, what is the probability that you'll be shot?

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1/4 for pulling the trigger. 1/3 for spinning and pulling the trigger.

Consider where the bullets could be so they are consecutive: (BBxxxx), (xBBxxx), (xxBBxx), (xxxBBx), (xxxxBB), (BxxxxB). You have a 2/3 chance of getting shot on pull number 1. If you respin you still have that same chance, assuming the spin is random. Now assume the first was a blank. Only 4 of the cases above will work, and in one of them you'll get shot on a second pull. So your chances of getting shot are 1/4 on the second pull without a respin Don't respin! The two consecutive bullets makes this an interesting case, but what it means is that after a first blank you know *neither* bullet was in that position. This tips the probabilities just enough to make the right answer counterintuitive. The answer is just the opposite if there is only 1 bullet. In that case you should respin. Minder

Hmmm.. I think the odds are 2/5 for pulling the trigger or 2/6 (which is the same as 1/3) for spinning and then pulling. There's 5 chambers left and 2 bullets, where would 1/4 come from? Minder

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In a basket there are 2 red apples and 98 green apples;1 red apple is removed,how many green apples must be removed to make it 96% of total apples are green apples

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74 green apples have to be removed

3 green apples to be removed

2green apples must be removed with remaining 1 red apple.

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1.Case study-- If Wayfair saw a 10% increase in its internet traffic in September 2018 as compared to September 2017 than what possible reasons could have aided this increase? 2. 1000 customers were sent catologs (Manufacturing cost 90 cents). 500 orders received and 25$ discount given on each order. what should be the min avg price each order at a profit margin of 20% to even out the cost of this marketing campaign

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Breakeven: Gross margin on sales = total costs 500 (.2x) = 25(500) + 900 .2X =25+1.80 X = $134.00 Minder

(#2 answer ) = $34

(#2 answer ) = $32.16

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nothing prepare 11-12th silly questions

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That Person was sure why he was asking that questions. even i had gone with the same situation, but i tried to understand the logic behind those question and atlast i found the true intention of those question. Person who are/were in this company in the digital marketing department was very active and loyal with the company, but company didnt appreciate his work.. dont know if that person is still working or not.. best wishes to him... Minder

They might want to know someone,


Why did u choose marketing over the stream you were from? Solve the round 1 QP again and explain How u did it?

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Yes same thing happened to me


Did the results published i was too there on the 6th aug @zoho attnd the 2nd round Minder

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(talk about yourself, start date, do you have any questions)

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So it was just basic math and logic? Thank you so much for taking the time out to answer :) Minder

Coz I went to the company's website (that does the test), hoping that they might have a mock test that I could perhaps take, but they didn't seem to have any. You are my only source of info at the moment (did a lot of searching on google, no luck). Minder

It was an Aptitude test, try to practice before taking the test. And some behavioral questions. Minder

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Artech L.L.C.

What is your salary expectation?

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Before we dive into my salary expectations, can you first tell me more about the position and expectations? Minder

It depends on the specific position details that are required.

It depends on the specific position details that are required.


stats question of russian roulette. (i am terrible at stats)

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shot 1: 2/6 shot 2: 3/6 shot 3: 4/6 shot 4: 5/6 shot 5: 1

(please disregard my previous answer) shot 1: 2/6 shot 2: 2/5 shot 3: 2/4 shot 4: 2/3 shot 5: 1 Minder

first shot 1/3 second shot 2/5 third shot 1/2 fourth shot 2/3 fifth shot 1

American Express

What do you know about this company?

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Expected to tie together the strategy and mission of the company to the role and how my skills can complement it. Minder

the important of company is to give a chance to every employee who wants to enchance their skill or to improve their experience by knowing the rules and regulation of a company,..and to have a strong alliance between the company and the employee.,,to maintain the good contribution of the company to the market.... Minder


how do you know the position

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one of the employees is my former classmate

How long was it before you received an offer?

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