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Er werd een Marketing Internship gevraagd...24 oktober 2020

What is your greatest weakness? At L'Oreal, we pride ourselves on being resourceful. When have you been able to resolve a problem in your workplace? How do you deal with multitasking? Any hobby or interests outside of work?

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Hi !! Iam looking job I have sales perfume and cosmetics experience

Before 9years I have sales experience in dubai

I need work I have visat visa


Why beauty?

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this one of the most important questions for the company, as a passion for the industry is a MUST. Minder

Beauty creates confidence and satisfied your self- esteem. Would I rather choose to be makeup beautiful than natural ugly. Minder


A lillypad doubles in size everyday, on the 24th day it is at half size. How long does it take to get to full size?

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On the 25th day (each day the size doubles - it is 1/2 of full size today. So 2x1/2 = 1 within 1 day) Minder

48 days


Analyze this advert

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looking to understand your marketing knowledge & instinct

iCorps Technologies

What do you know or like about IT field.

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Of course I had to be so fake and say how much I loved IT... Bla bla bla... But lets get real. Unless I work in IT then I don't care. I am in marketing and can market an IT business or a candy store and could care less about either. Minder

IT is so needed in day to day operations and it’s very important I am in marketing and don’t particularly need to know too much high tech stuff but I do need technology in my basic tasks in order to efficiently complete them Minder


4ps of marketing? or some current news related to FMCG sector

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Product, Price, Place and Promotion. these Ps are from Producers perspective. We have 4 Cs from consumers' side. They are Customer solution( Product), Cost( price), Convenience( Place), Communication( promotion) . Minder

Following are the 4Ps of Marketing 1. Product, 2. Price, 3. Place, $. Process Minder

Nanova Biomaterials

Can you devote a minimum of 20 hours?

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Tell me about yourself and why you chose your major? What is your favorite class this semester and why? Why are you interested in a career in marketing? Why EPIX?

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Just be honest about why you want to apply for this internship. I had a really great experience interviewing but the internship for summer 2020 was actually canceled before they rolled out offers. Minder

Cloud Console

Tell me about yourself ?

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Energetic and Passionate MBA student working towards marketing at sanjay ghodawat university. I have completed my Engineering degree from BLDEA engg college, bijapur, karnataka. I would like to give my best of knowledge to your business and in return would like to learn more skills under your guidance Minder

IPG Mediabrands

Why do you want to work in media?

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What would make you a good intern?

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