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Goldman Sachs
Er werd een IBD Strats Internship gevraagd...20 april 2012

You have 4 cards, 2 black and 2 red. You play a game where during each round you draw a card. If it's black, you lose a point. If it's red, you gain a point. You can chose to stop at any time. What's the expected value of this game?

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how do you get 2/3?

Draw a tree. If you get 1 point, you prefer to stop because that's 1/2 expected value, and otherwise you have (1/2*1/3) to get 2, which is 1/3 expected value. Than find that in the other direction you have to play (0.5*(2/3)*0.5) just to get 1. Minder

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Palantir Technologies

Interview question was given a grid of 9x9 sudoku with numbers filled in already, you have to check if it's a valid suoku.

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First, you tackle with a small 3x3 grid and see if the sum of the numbers match the expected sum of numbers from 1 through 9 because each number has to be distinct in a sudoku. Then you repeat this for 9 mini-sudokus. Finally, you check if for 9 rows and 9 columns if there are any missing numbers or duplicate numbers. Minder

But there could be a duplicate number in the small 3X3 grid. This would make it invalid sudoku but you would not catch this if you just look at the expected sum Minder

A duplicate number in the small 3x3 grid would not give the desired sum, because the desired sum in a 3x3 Sudoku grid is a constant i.e 55 Minder

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- Given a linked list, go to the middle and reverse the second half of the list - Rotate the matrix 90 degrees

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How long did it take for them to get back to you

2 days

Did you go to the Vancouver office too?

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Susquehanna International Group (SIG)

We each flip three fair coins. I offer to pay you $1 if we do not get the same amount of heads, if you agree to pay me $2 if we do (get the same amount of heads). Will you agree to play this game?

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1/2^6 + 9/2^6 + 9/2^6 + 1/2^6 = 20/64 the probability to get same number of heads. Expected value : 20/64 X (-2) + 44*/64 * (1) = 1/16 play the game Minder

Can also calculate with binomial since we can see its sum of squared binomials. General solution for odds of getting same # of heads is (2n C n)/2^n Minder

Play the game. EV = 1/16.

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Palantir Technologies

Given a value in a binary search tree, write an algorithm that returns the next greatest value. The tree is assumed to contain the given value.

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If n has a right child: return the smallest element in the subtree where n's right child is the root else: current_node = n parent_node = n->parent while parent_node parent current_node = current_node->parent return parent_node I'm assuming you know how to find the smallest element in a subtree/tree Minder

// Given a value in a binary search tree, write an algorithm that returns the next greatest value. // The tree is assumed to contain the given value. // returns val if no greater val exists public static int nextGreaterVal(Node root, int val) { int closestParentVal = val; Node curr = root; while (curr != null) { if (curr.val == val) { // if a right node exists it must be // the closest value greater than val // because it's greater than val and smaller // than any greater parent node. if (curr.right != null) return curr.right.val; return closestParentVal; } else if (val curr.val) */ { curr = curr.right; } } return val; } Minder

First successful solution involved storing the traversal path in a stack. The interviewer then asked me to do it with constant memory, which I wasn't able. Minder

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2nd ques- add if the numbers are of any base ..

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for adding any two numbers which are less than the base , perform simple addition , if the addition exceeds then add the last digits of the two no.s and divide it by its base .write the modulus as the first digit keep the carry now add the second digit . now again perform the mod operation and move ahead.... finally at the end also if u get a carry after addition put it like that only Minder


Just reverse given strings and then run a loop on these strings. Now, convert every single character of both the strings (in loop) to int and add them, if result is greater than equals to base value, apply modulus function and append quotient fo FINAL_RESULT and reminder to CARRY. Do this for all the character until both strings are traversed completely. Now, if CARRY is not 0, append it in FINAL_RESULT and reverse the FINAL_STRING, that's your answer. Minder

Jane Street

A bus pulls up to a stop. 3/4 of the people get off and 7 get on. Repeat two more stops with the same results. What is the smallest number of people that could’ve initially been on the bus??

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for the second stop we need to have a number 1/4th of which + 7 is divisible by 4 - so that a whole number of people on the last stop can get off. The smallest such number is 4, because 4*1/4+7 is 8, and 8 is divisible by 4. However 4 cannot be the number of people that the bus approaches the second stop with, because 7 people got on the bus at the first stop. The next number one quarter of which plus 7 is divisible by 4 is 20. That means the bus left the first stop with 20 people. Then it approached the first stop with (20-7)*4=52 people Minder

10. 7 off so must satisfy for 7 as a minimum. 3/4=7/9.333. Question states for minimum people to satisfy 9.3 must be rounded to 10 people. Minder

How did you come up with 52?

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Dynamic programming questions

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how many questions were there?

The HackerRank test consisted of 3 questions total.

did they get back . If not how many days di they take to get back guys.

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Behavioral: “Describe a time you were given conflicting information on about a project and you had to figure out what to do?“ “What is the worst bug in a program you have had to solve?” “What something that you used to have to do very repetitively in code but now have figured out a better way to go about it?” “Describe a time you had to give negative feedback and how was it taken?” “In context of new technology, describe a time you worked on something nights and weekends to implement or learn about something new.” (Show your interest in keeping up with new technology/code “Describe a time you tried to teach someone something but they were just not getting it”

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When did you do your onsite interview if i may ask?

November 28, 2017

Thanks. Any tips for someone whose about to interview onsite?

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Hotel Arts Barcelona

Ability to handle stress and how did I overcome it

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Love yourself

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