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Marketing Manager sollicitatievragen


Sollicitatievragen voor Marketing manager gedeeld door sollicitanten

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Why should we take you?

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Your brand is super but you haven't done anything with it last years. I can help you with that. But please don't mind I have no personal interest in war children. And that shouldn't matter as the role requires to grow the brand. Nothing else.

What is your worst quality? Are you considering Amsterdam specifically for Sonos? Will you miss having a team?

How does our website reflect the RSM approach and values?

Basic interview questions. They of course ask some questions about the company, so do some research before you go. Other questions are related to the position that you are applying.

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Most questions were related to my CV and industry background.

on what metrics are you currently measured

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Come up with a new marketing plan for Blablacar, online based.

What do you think about the conversion rates and a huge low in metasearch traffic?

What would your team say your weaknesses were and what your positive qualities?

Will you relocate (was about made mandatory) What are your values Future of marketing

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