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Er werd een MEan Stack Developer gevraagd...23 maart 2018

Round 3: Q: "11001110" find occurring of double 1's in string.?

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Q: What is output of following code? for(var i =0; i < 8; ++i){ setTimeOut((i)=>{console.log(i)}, 100); } What will be the code look like if we want to print 1-7 in console?

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8 times 9

2nd part =&gt; we have to declare i by let instead of var in the for loop

Time Inc.

How can you write js on server(how nodejs was built),v8 engine,libuv,comparison of spa frameworks, es6 typescript features,closures etc

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I can write js on server using node js, mongodb , express and moongoose for structural part. Minder

Posist Technologies

Q: Name name of some of the Data Bases software and Tools.

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robo 3t 1.1.1


What is hoisting in JS?

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Hoisting, Difference among let, const and var, Angular routing related questions

logical question on programming .

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by explaining the logic in programming structure.

Asia Software Solutions

any questions you want to ask

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i asked them 3 4 questions regarding there company

Angular and Frontend related questions.

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Answered all questions properly.

Posist Technologies

Q: maximum occurrence of a number in a given array.

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int main() { int a[]={10,12,14,12,10,11,10,11,11,11},n,i,ar[20],max=0,ab; for(i=0;i%d",ab,max); } Minder


Data structure

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stack n queue

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