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Caresouth Carolina
Er werd een Medical Case Manager gevraagd...13 februari 2019

What makes you the ideal candidate for the position?

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I started in the medical field. I went to William Carey School of N.

I am very compassionate, I have a lot of experience in HR and I learn very fast

Kentucky Marketing Solutions

What position are you applying for?

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The position I was called in for does NOT exist!

Wright & Filippis

Standard corporate questions. What are your strengths, weaknesses, teamwork acceptability, working on your own, able to make decisions.

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Was sind ihre persönlichen Wünsche und Vorstellungen für die Zukunft?

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Erfahrungen zu sammeln und daran zu wachsen. Niemals „Stillstand“ zu erleiden aber insbesondere „Zufrieden„ zu sein -mit mir, meiner Umgebung und den Menschen die mich umgeben sowohl privat als auch geschäftlich. Minder


Asked me about how I would organize and rewrite documents.

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It was difficult because I didn't know what the problem was. I asked what the issues were. Then I was able to answer Minder

US Air Force

Too many crazy people?

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Novo Nordisk

Everything under the sun!! GMAT quiz, personality test and then clinical trials discussion. It did not make any sense why they were asking GMAT quiz for a clinical role. Luckily, I had completed a GMAT test before and had qualified in this round to the stupid final round.

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I ended up getting selected and was informed after 3 months. Bizzare process


Are you able to relocate? Do you have a language certificate? Why GSK?

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Of cause I will be willing to relocate if am offered a position.

Meritus Health

Give an example of previous scenarios involving interacting with an aggravated patient.

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Cited specific examples from my work history.

BJC HealthCare

Tell me about a time you were able to improve procedures at a job without being asked to do so?

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I decided to add phone numbers to FedEx labels so that additional lookup charges were not created by incorrect or inaccurate addresses submitted by customers. I have currently saved the company over $2000 in lookup fees. Minder

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