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Le'Chris Health Systems
Er werd een Targeted Case Manager, Mental Health (Medicaid Designation: Qualified Mental Health Professional) gevraagd...17 september 2014

I was asked to evaluate my coworkers - not people whom I'd supervised, but my fellow case managers and a psychologist who was in fact over me.

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I said I didn't think it was appropriate for me assess the performance of peers with whom I did not interact directly or to comment on the effectiveness of a psychological therapist when I was not licensed in that field. The interviewer did not acknowledge my observation. Rather than refuse to answer I gave generally positive buzzword salads in lieu of actual assessment. Though all support agencies are businesses that deserve to make money, Le'Chris was more profit motivated than most. A reputation for going above and beyond on behalf of the people we served was considered a negative. Minder

I am not clear about the interview question you were answering, but many times we may talk about people we both have worked with in the past and ask how they are doing just to break the ice as small talk. I will address with the supervisors to stick to the interview process, and to make a clear distinction and transition before having conversation that has no bearing on hiring. We have also improved our payroll communication process to eliminate issues and to resolve discrepancies quickly. Thank you for your service to your clients. We often discuss financial viability with our staff so they will understand the importance of accurate documentation. Many agencies that were in operation in September of 2014 are no longer in business because they did not pay attention to the financial aspect of providing services. As a result, they actually caused a disruption in services to clients. We will better explain to direct care staff that both sides of the service are important, and they are heart of the service. Minder


What is my experience in mental health?

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I listed my experience from other jobs. Experience with mental health isn't necessary for all positions at the agency, but some experience with mental health may be necessary to be a mental health case manager. Minder

Personaly i grew up with a mother who has borderline personality disorder and an alcoholic father, I later worked with dual diagnosed adolescents in a vast assortment of environments, and have myself been diagnosed with depression and anxiety after receiving a medical diagnosis of crohns disease. Minder


What was one lesson that you have learned working with clients diagnosed with serious mental illness.

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To be patient and recognize that clients make progress in their own time.

Piedmont Community Services

Name 2 'popular' medications precsribed to children.

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Answered based my experience working with children prescribed medications by their PCP or psychiatrist. Minder

East Bay Center

What do you do in your spare time, to de-stress?

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This can be a stressful job. Exercising, dancing, reading, etc can be good ways to de-stress. Minder

Arrow Strategies

What have you learned from being put in difficult situations at your previous job?

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Asked for clarification, then answered using an interaction with a patient who was racist. Minder

Community Behavioral Health

Tell me about your experience with mental health and case management.

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One you have to be caring and patient and understanding remember something triggered them to turn to this place in there life so you dont want to set them back so it takes time for them to trust and open up to you trust is not given it is earned with client's its no over night thing... Minder

Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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Always follow up a weakness with how you overcome that weakness

Habilitative Systems

Are you willing to sign a waiver that you will not take on additional employment with another organization, while working with HSI? and if you do, termination will be immediate. However, it was just reported to you in the interview that your pay from HSI is not consistent.

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HSI is a decent company to work for if you don't have responsibilities fiscally. If you are living at home with your parents or have a roommate or spouse to may the rent, food, car, insurance payments and lend you finances to get to work, then HSI is a great place to gain experience and hands on expertise. Minder

Jewish Family Services

Please describe a difficult or contentious event with another person and how I managed that situation.

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