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Bank of America Merchant Services
Er werd een Assistant Vice President- Merchant Specialist gevraagd...7 juli 2011

Being from the industry do you think that the expectations we have from our sales specialist is unrealistic?

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What are their expectations for new reps ? What can you realistically expect to make first year if you have prior sales experience (yellow pages). Is there a high turnover at this company ? Do they expect you to work nights and weekends ? How are the medical benefits ? Thanks for your help ! Interviewing soon w/ them. Minder

The expectations are super high. The new structure they implemented end of last year (2011) is such that is based on micro management. It's a First Data model. The turn over in the last 9 months has been on the rise (not really sure about percentage wise). If you are not at goal, yes, they do expect you to work on Saturdays. The benefits are great. Total compensation is good after at least 13 months (they pay on a residual pay scale). Good luck! Minder

They want to know if you feel capable of selling up to their standard, they do not want a hear from you that you are going to three times, the goal, but they need to see how confident you are about reaching and achieving goal Minder


What are we doing well and what could we improve,

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discussed fit of clothing and collabs

Lands' End

What trends are you seeing in your business today?

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I told my interviewer that athletic apparel was particularly strong in the boys division and that with younger boys clothing we see more fun prints and patterns as well as bright youthful colors. For older boys I told the interviewer that more mature tones as well as textured garments were more popular. (The interviewer told me that Assistant Merchants at Lands'end are expected to "not make general statements") Minder

Victoria's Secret

Whose our competitors?

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HNM clothes and association department. Mostly Express and other department's such as clothes, smell goods, and much more Minder

Louis Vuitton

why louis vuitton? why you? why merchandising

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Proffestional brand very inspiring,this brand is really facinating . Working at Louis vuitton is my dream come true Minder

Bank of America Merchant Services

What is the length of the sales cycle at your current position?

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What they were looking for. They are looking for experince in fairly fast sales cycle. You can close on deal on the spot. Minder

Cole Haan

They asked about my experience and how I handle difficult situations, balancing multiple tasks.

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I shared specific examples of each and related them to the job in question.

Bank of America

History of sales background, experience of managing large accounts and working between multiple networks of teams across departments.

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My history of sales over the last ten years has taught me to manage my time, energy building relationships with those I work with in a professional and motivational approach. To always remain positive and my eye on the over-all goal. Keeping in mind, you have to manage UP! as much as you do Down! Making sure I am patient and remembering there is always a system in place for a reason for those times when I would get frustrated with the system. Minder

Tommy Hilfiger

What did you think of the store?

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I gave recommendations based on floor set and product opportunities.

Clifford Chance

What hours would you want to work

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Tell me a little more about yourself

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