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Fora Health
Er werd een Milieu Counselor gevraagd...5 december 2013

How is your driving record? was unexpected. Driving a company vehicle wasn't specified in the job duties.

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Perfect and without violations

Elevations RTC

If I knew what a Positive Peer Culture was, if I had any experience using Best notes program, familiar with DBT, and if I was familiar with PCS (their form of de-escalation and therapeutic holds)

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At the time I was unfamiliar any of their methods My interview was in August 2015 however it only allows me to go back to 2016 on this form Minder

Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services

they also asked about other jobs that I had in the past

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I told them about the things I did in my career and all of the titles I held as well as the places that I managed and how many people I was responsible for while at work Minder

Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services

what can I do to change if I be part of the team

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I'm a role model and I feel that I can make a different in the clients life.

Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services

the one thing that they asked me was if I had a problem working with troubled teens.

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Which I said not at all I actually wanted to pay it forward and help out as much as I could Minder

Cunningham Children's Home

What do you know about Cunningham Children's Home?

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Simple google answer

McNabb Center

I can't remember the questions really. I went to school with some guys that worked there. No hassles or headaches.

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Off the cuff questions, off the cuff answers. Have a degree and no criminal background and you get the job, really. Minder

Pacific Clinics

I was asked to role play. They had a child who was throwing a tantrum and I was asked to de-escalate the child. The interviewer starting running in and out of the rooms and i can to chase after him.

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I was not expecting to run around in my heels but I just ran after him and spoke to him in a soft voice and encouraged the "child" walk around and allowed him to do so as long as he could stay quiet. Minder

Eating Recovery Center | Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center

Do I restrict any food?

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Besides having a new and severe allergic reaction that I am still in the process of figuring out, no. I believe that everything in moderation is key! Minder

Orchard Place

How would you handle (they give an example of. a tough situation)?

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