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PeopleStrong Technologies
Er werd een Senior MIS gevraagd...14 september 2019

When you will join

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Clark County School District

Most questions are pretty easy.

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I like to be Apprentice Engineer I'm a smart person and I learn fast

I like to be Apprentice I learn fast I'm a smart person


Landmark Group

Excel knowledge

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What questions did they ask in excel ?? Was it basic?? Or case studies?? Please can you elaborate a bit about it Minder

It was a practical assessment


Vlookup, Reverse lookup, Countif, sumif, pivot, chart, left, right, mid

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Answered them accordingly.



About Myself

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AXA GO Business Operations

Lookup functions, Pivot table, Macros...

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In macros what was the question asked ???



How comfortable you with this job opportunity?

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With the great learning and good salary.

I think i am comfortable with this company because i am fresher.

Tell me something about your self, Currently where are you working,why you want to left your current company.

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It was so easy for me because i have good experience of this profile so i have cracked that interview easily. Minder

why did you choose for this job?

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I chose this profession because I was interested and to grow good in a position

Success Partner Consultants

1. Tell me about yourself? 2. What are strength and weaknesses? 3. Why do want to change your current job? 4. What you do and explain? 5. Situational query? 6. Ask for personal information to inquire are you needy or not? 7. Computer skills, communication skill, and knowledge. 8. Can you join within 7 days?

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I have answered it from my experience and knowledge I had.

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