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Celebal Technologies
Er werd een ML Developer gevraagd...6 juli 2021

What is machine learning, difference between dl and ml?

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Pirimid Fintech

Tell us about your projects and resume

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They'll go in depth in your projects and resume. So, prepare well!

I'd be happy if I was rejected!


Dijkstra's algo with a twist -- this was their machine learning question. Given a starting node, print all other nodes in order of distance, with ties broken by the node id

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use a priority queue with a custom priority with BFS


Mostly dynamic based programming, one based on heap data structure in modified form

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I answered 2 questions correctly with most optima solution, in 2nd one couldn't complete it but overall I was sluggish in programming Minder

What methods have you used in previous work?

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Proceeded to go over various technical details is said algorithms.


- generic algorithm questions - generic data management questions - generic HR questions

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Make sure you are prepare to answer basic questions in all these areas without prompts. Minder


What kind of working environment do you like?

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I clarified what exactly was meant by this


what is main difference between RNN and LSTM.

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It is a bit of a trick question because all LSTMs are RNNs.


Classical questions of the fields of your experience?

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As usual


Mostly basic C and Computer Architecture related questions

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I didn't know much about C and computer architecture, it wasn't my area of interest, so I learned that ARM probably wasn't for me Minder

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