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Er werd een Mobile Architect gevraagd...30 december 2015

Design a sync mechanism between client and server.

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I explained with 2 solutions for the same problem.


1. How gradle works in android?

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Explain the process of gradle


Is IBM Watson just smoke and mirrors

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No , well you work for IBM so that's a weird question .

Insight Global

Questions were regarding scenarios and how I might handle them knowing what I know now.

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Just described specific examples in the past of how I solved this problem.


What is a RecycleView, and when/where/why would you use it?

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The RecyclerView widget is a more advanced and flexible version of ListView.The RecycleView provides a flexible model for viewing selected sections of large data sets. It aims to prevent the performance degradation that can occur when generating large numbers of widgets in order to display many data items. Minder


Where did you attend school

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View ridge elementary


Sort array, without using any built in sorting algorithms. Find the duplicates with only one for loop. Design Autofill dictionary for text fields. Design a vending machine. Why would you keep user policies at server side rather on device?

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All are basic and simple.


Round 2 : Design a scalable log system for 1 billion users. More Queries over Dependency injection.

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Round 4 - f2f with technical architect - this was the longest round. Till now i forgot about round 3. This person was down to earth , calm and was keen listener and video streaming expert. He asked questions mostly on architecture and design patterns and was looking to share his insight too in every questions. He seems to be quite happy . After discussion with him i was convinced again to join the organisation. Minder

Alghanim Industries

No Professionalism

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No Professionalism in alghamin indsutries it shows up in their interviewing capability Minder


How would you design a chess application, given all the moves from previous games.

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Basically they are seeing how you would reason this out,in wanted to use Mongo models they insisted on a relational DB, still an easy question overall. Minder

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