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TA Digital
Er werd een Senior Technical Architect/Mobile Practice Lead gevraagd...15 juli 2022

What are the key aspects in building or setting up a new technology practice?


Questions and process around mobile architecture


What is your technology? What is intent What is room


- Algorithm + problem solving question - Android, Kotlin, Java interview questions - Design and problem solving related questions in the technology


1. How gradle works in android?

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Explain the process of gradle


How to calculate Angle when its 3:20 pm in clock

American Airlines

1. Mobile Architecture High Level 2. Load balancing on Server 3. Difference between Get and Post calls

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Design Patterns, Mobile Security and Three tier Architecture


Round 5 : The questions were serializable vs parceable , some fragment questions , mvvm architecture , android architecture components.


Round 4 : General Android Questions , MVVM , Architecture , Design Patterns , TDD.

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