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Er werd een Mobile Product Manager gevraagd...17 november 2010

Do you know what "Peak Oil" is? Yes? good. You are the product manager of Peak Oil for Google. What do you do?

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peak oil means the oil production reaches the maximum and after which the rate of product enters terminal decline. i guess for this question they are asking how you keep it maximum as long as possible and when it enters terminal decline, what do you do about it. Minder

Send search parties out to find new oil repositories. :-)

Leave it up to them to put up a premise that is utterly ridiculous. Peak oil , by definition, is not controlled by anyone. It is the notion that there is a finite timeframe where the oil is no longer. How can a product manager manage "peak oil" when they can't own all of it... I thought all Googlers were smart. Minder

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Samsung Electronics

None. Just standard. She asked "What role and product do you want to oversee?" ... my answer was the position I am interviewing for (otherwise, why would I be there?!")

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Mobile phone - from mid to high end range at Marketing Manager level.

The position which I applied is digital marketing executive and I know that I will do well in that field and will work hard in order to achieve sales target in given time without fail Minder

The role is Product Marketing Manager, if I will be in this position, I will definitely review the market or previous research and sales data first. Then I will find and/or create demand for our products by using best fit strategy . If there is demand the sales will get high for sure. For the products , every product have their ways of sales and marketing strategies. Minder

eDreams ODIGEO

How old are you? Also, are you thinking of having any children?

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I had exactly the same sort of questions in my interview. Very inappropriate, very rude and in no way relevant to the job I interviewed for. Minder

I don't see the relevance of this question to the post.

Bestbuy Mobile

What would you do different from your predecessor?

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At this point I presented my packet charting where the department is currently and my 30-60-90 day plan to improve specific metrics. Minder


What is your spirit animal? (delivered with a straight face, not joking)

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Nothing particularly. One interviewer started asking detailed technical questions around back-end systems.

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I answered them correctly, but they would be better suited for a Technical Architect and not a Program Manager Minder

Virgin Media

Invited for interview. Good interview based on values and scenarios. Usual "what would you do if......"

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Thought I'd answered questions with sufficient detail using SOAR format. I didn't get to second interview but poor communication prior to interview and during interview selection. Even after in interview it took several emails before I received a automated response. Following the automated response i asked for feedback from interviewer and cc'd HR. No response. Minder


what pitfalls do you see becoming friendly with your reports?

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engineering director is worried of not being able to provide constructive criticism if you don't establish a clear worker manager dynamic. Minder

Best Buy

Tell me a time when you had to work with someone you did not get along with to accomplish a goal.

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They're looking for you to indicate you are a team player and will stop at nothing to get a task done, while putting personal matters aside for the best interest of the client. Minder

Best Buy

Expenditures. I blanked.

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LOVE working for BBY. I don't always like the decisions that are made, but I am confident that my company is making the right moves. Minder

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