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Er werd een Environmental Monitoring Technician gevraagd...13 maart 2012

Are you currently working?

3 antwoorden

I was working but now I’m not working because our company got closed because of COVID-19 thank you Minder

No I’m not

Please look at my resume again.

Mississippi Baptist Health Systems

Was I able to work weekends and some holidays?

2 antwoorden

Yes I can work weekends and Holidays


Saint Joseph Mercy Health System

He asked about my schooling and my experience and why St. Joes.

1 antwoorden

I told him all about what I learned in school and how long I had been waiting to get a job in the field I trained in, which was about 3 years. I also told him I chose St. Joes because they are the ones who offered the position I was seeking and my local hospital doesn't have this position. Minder

Select Specialty Hospitals

How do you respond alarms?

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There are red and yellow alarms that go by critical and less critical. But still needed to report and notify assigned RNs. Either to fix the artifacts or check patient like O2Sat or BP or if it’s real VT, HR up or low or other changes like occasional to frequent PVCs and others. Minder

North Mississippi Health Services

Tell me about yourself.

1 antwoorden

Gave a general overview of myself.


How do you deal with criticism, whether it was constructive or not?

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I deal with criticisms of any sort with a listen-first attitude, followed by a thoughtful response. Minder

Tampa General Hospital

Describe one time that you helped a patient or coworker out.

1 antwoorden

I told them about working for the census and how I helped out an elderly lady.


They asked me about different critical thinking situations. They asked me about critical arrhythmias, and how I would respond to them,

1 antwoorden

I answered them accordantly.

Hemet Global Medical Center

Took and EKG test. The test strips were poor quality, and I did not have a magnifying glass or calipers to measure the rate.

1 antwoorden

Must have done well, but then I have five years experience. They hired me by phone, about 2 hours after the interview. Could not accpet the position, because I stated my minimum salary requirements, but because they are Union, the could only offer a maximum $13 per hour. That would barely cover the cost of gast to drive to work. Minder

Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Do you have any experience with children?

1 antwoorden

Yes-i told them that I am a mother and raised my two little brothers myself

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