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Er werd een Motion Design gevraagd...19 maart 2019

What experience do you have tracking your data and clicks per campaign

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I don't, I do motion design. Not Marketing.


Tell us about some projects on your portfolio that you are proud of.

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I just discussed my process and thinking behind a few of my better projects. I let it become a conversation about the work rather than just letting it be me talking at them for too long. Minder


What questions do you have for us?

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They wanted to see that I took interested in them as a company, and I was really curious, so I asked some specific questions regarding client/partner work and what varies from project to project for them. The appreciated my interest in the industry and in things that were not necessarily within my domain. Minder

Local Projects

What are some of your design inspirations, and what are you passionate about


No questions were asked beyond “Tell us about yourself.”


Do you have any portfolio items of which you are truly proud of that demonstrate your ability to use animation techniques such as easing?

Laundry Service

Do you have any questions about us?


General experience with live-action and how that relates to the animation work theyre doing

Miri Growth

What do you expect if I should work inside the company?

Big Fish Games

How much experience did I have leading a team, What did I know about Big Fish. Mostly it was a back and forth conversation about my experience, me asking about the companies history and what the role would be about. Very casual and easy going.

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