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Er werd een Motion Graphic Designer gevraagd...4 augustus 2016

Do you know Cinema 4d?

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I know Cinema 4D.


Duck Creek Technologies

Are you very emotionally tied to your work and can you take feedback from people who may not be understanding of the creative process

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I explained my process both in pre-and-post production and made it clear that, unless I am in full creative control, which is almost never, I will always be open to suggestions from my colleagues. Minder

Delivery Hero

Why I wanted to go full time after freelance.

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That I was looking to work in a team and have some stability.

Creative Circle

1. Passed Experince? 2. Accomplishments? 3. What coding do i know?

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1. I am Versatile and motivated. 2D and 3D artist with 15 years of experience in traditional and digital media. 2. Recently, my responsibilities may match the qualifications you are seeking. As a designer my responsibilities included: Multi functional designs for landing page re marketing. These Pages were created for digital marketing campaigns on the Act-on platform. Landing pages included Google AdWords re marketing with HTML5 Animation. Banners were Created with Google web designer and Adobe Animate. I also Created a multi functional design in Adobe InDesgn for print. Print designs created for a variety of publications including half page magazine publications, catalog, brochure design a multitude of mailers and postcards. 3. CSS, HTML, HTML5, Bootstraps, Java, WORDPRESS and some Angular. Minder

Ah Zi Design

Questions regarding about their company. Why you apply this role ?

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Love to work at Design Agency

Ah Zi Design

Ask to do one quick design test.

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quick comments need to be shared within the 10mins.


What is my responsibility of the project?

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Descried what i have done and who i was working with

What's your Salary Expectation?

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I was not very particular about my salary as I was looking to work for a designing company back in 2015 and I grew exceptionally since then. Minder


I didn't had more experience in After Effects, even i didn't mentioned in my CV. But they was hiring for the people who knows that software. So he showed me a demo video which is the project they hiring for. So here is the question "How will you do the thing in After Effects, because you don't know that".

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Yes, i don't know that, but am not like a stranger for after effects. Because i can use After Effects and i will come with knowledge whatever you want. Minder

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