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Er werd een National Account Manager gevraagd...13 november 2016

They want you to simulate the sales process including sales calls. Apparently their employees get hung up on a lot and receive harsh treatment. From what I understand they use some sort of group therapy to cope with this. I am not kidding. The manager seemed beside himself when I told him as an experienced sales professional I take rudeness in stride.


Describe a sales situation where price seemed to be the primary driver and how you overcame the focus on cost and made it more about 'value.'

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I focused on the benefits of the product and the additional service that is provided to support them. While we are large enough to give the bast deal we are also small enough to give great customer service. Minder

Coyote Logistics

What one word best describes you?

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Why would you like to work at TCL?

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I would love to join an emerging brand live TCL it gives assurity and quality at reasonable price and I will grow with company as well that's why I'd love to join TCL Minder

Tell me about your last role in 3 minutes.

Cogent Communications

Standard interview information. Went over past employment history and qualifications

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standard conversation

We're you placed in a group interview setting?

Origin Point Brands

Why do you want to join our company?

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I am looking for a progressive, stable company. I am looking for a professional and personal learning experience so I can learn and grow. I am a seasoned project manager and engineer with skills that I am eager to showcase. Minder

Because of the professional and personal learning experience to learn and grow. I’ve worked in a similar area and have the skills to bring into the position. Minder


Can you please do this data/ maths test before we begin ( hands test and sits over me while I do it).

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Yes. they tend to do the old school tests before hiring. I worked there 5 years. Loved my job - but antiquated in operations. Strange since this is cutting edge technology that they are selling. Minder

You need to be able to think on your feet and demonstrate you solve problems on the spot; for example, how would you handle the same situation in the face of a business partner/ retailer/distributor that requires an answer regarding how your ‘revenue’ compares to a competitor’s ‘margins’? Minder

Better Business Funding

There was nothing that stands out as overly difficult in questioning. It was really more of just getting to know what type of person I was?

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I just answered honestly and showed them I could have a conversation easily with people. Minder

Partners Capital Group

Tell me about your background and experience in sales?

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I stayed focused and followed my resume and gave brief but to the point answers about my experience. Minder

How do you decide which projects to complete first based off timelines?

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Deadline date

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