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Er werd een Application Security Engineer gevraagd...30 maart 2023

STAR Based Questions Code review Threat modelling questions, for ex: Explain the Threat modelling of a vending machine placed in your office or university library

University College London

Why do you want to do a PhD


Would you be willing to travel


Are you okay with being on-site 2-3 days per week?


First round (HR round) :- Introduced myself and about my work experience, then he started asking about salary expectations. Overall, it was okay but kind of pointless to be kept as the first round. Second round (Technical test) :- The first test was regarding database schema building and related to system design. No prior information was provided nor given any link or access to platforms for creating such. Expecting candidates to figure out the solution and design the whole thing in Google docs, in less than 1 hour, which is not only inconvenient but ridiculous as well. Aptitude questions needed to be solved later, totally irrelevant to the developer role. Third round (Technical round):- Supposed to be 1 hr interview. Started off well, then proceeded to one aptitude question (yet again), just one question to test logical reasoning skills. No questions were asked to test problem-solving skills. Nothing related to DSA or database development questions. Questions regarding why I wanted to switch to this company asked me to explain the pros and cons of my current company. Totally irrelevant questions to the job description. Asked to point out any flaws in any existing app and how to improve any features in the app. More pointless questions like these and abruptly ending the interview.

St. Catherine University

Why do you want to work for St. Kates? Why do you like this position? Are you comfortable with taking on a behind the scenes role?

Goldbell Engineering

Briefly introduce yourself and why are you leaving your current company.


Standard nothing out of the norm


The interview process was less technical in nature from a standard engineering position. The questions were more hypothetical like what you might do in a certain situation with a customer or a possible sales opportunity. There was a lot of discussion about what each worker did during a typical day and how it impacted the business. The role was more of a sales-focused position as opposed to a technical position. My resume was more technical in nature so they really wanted to make sure I would be happy with a sales-focused role. I would not say the interview was incredibly hard but it was very thorough in getting to understand your personality and sales-focused capabilities. It was definitely the longest in-person interview I have ever had.

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