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Er werd een Data Scientist II gevraagd...2 oktober 2022

PCA for numerical data and gone through the task.


GROUP DISCUSSION - A topic on low sales or fall down of a company will be given as a topic you have to make sure the loss and give the ideas for the raise again. TECHNICAL - Based on your resume and JD based . HR - REGULAR HR QUESTIONS . WHY, WHAT, HOW, WHEN.

Open Co

Por que você escolheu essa área?


Pivot tables and basic SQL statements

IPG Mediabrands

Why do you want to join Media Brands? Why do you think you will be a great fit for the company and the position? Why do you like Data Analytics?


P-value definition. Type 1 error.


Cannot remember. Questions about the experience and ML


How do you train the data and use it well?


To introduce a hard problem I solved.


Tell about yourself, Last project SQL experience

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