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Sollicitatievragen voor Director in Nederland


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Waarom zou jij bij Nike willen werken?

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Waar zie je jezelf in vijf jaar?

Ik zie mijzelf als senior Credit Controller binnen een internationale werkomgeving met doorgroeimogelijkheden.

Wat maakt jou interessant voor deze functie

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Quelle est votre experience á l'international pour les services aux autres opérateurs de télécoms ?

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Typical opening questions (i.e. Tell me about your background) and also they asked me to describe what the responsibilities of a PM are. But they asked me one question "If you find an issue with the content, how do you find a solution? what are the steps?" - They wanted to know what I thought the responsibilities of the PM are but also they wanted details on resolving product issues. Sounded like they had workflow process issues and were looking for solutions on it as they inquired about details around this.

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vragen waren te makkelijk

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Waarom soliciteer je op deze baan?

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What were your goals at abc company and how did you achieve them?

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What is Critical Path of a project

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How do you reflect?

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