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Mattress Firm
Er werd een Temporary Document Scanner gevraagd...29 december 2016

Wanted to know if I specifically had HR experience.

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I said not within an HR department, but that I worked with confidential HR issues while supporting a top executive. Minder

Local Union No.3 IBEW

Are you able to be here on time on a daily basis?

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Yes I can and I did

Image Engine

Previous experience and previous job questions

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13 years of experience in the scanning industry


Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

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Can you show up on time?

SC Strategic Solutions

The document scanning staff are all women, we would rather interview you for a warehouse position, are you interested in this?

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I explained that I do not want to work in the warehouse, which is why I applied for the document scanner position. Minder

Academy Mortgage

Working hours preferred

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am to 4 would work best at the time


Why should they hire me

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I have huge work ethic. Fast learner & love people

SC Strategic Solutions

Explain your resume.

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It was sitting in front of them, and i had to repeat all of it.

Stevenson Systems

What was the most challenging professional situation I had been in, and how did I go about handling it/solve it?


Be prepared for an especially astute HR person to read inbetween the lines on your resume and your answers. You know how job searching books say not to be 'too honest' and not to say 'too much'? Well, I ended up doing exactly that & thought I bombed the interview. I was surprised to learn that I was selected for a second interview.

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