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Tell me about yourself.

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Well, let me start with my education background. I graduated with bachelor’s degree in software engineering. I have more that 16 years experiences in development specially backend development. As you may see in my linkedin profile, I’m a backend developer and coder with the latest technologies and languages like java, spring framework, and sql and in frontend side I’m familiar with jsp, jsf and polymer. If I want to explain about my recent position I have been working as a senior developer at Karafarin bank. Our projects mostly and widely were developed by Java Spring, jsp, SQL and so on. And we use other professional tools like Git, Jira and so on to keep everything under control.

Wat wil je bereiken bij Sogeti?

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For the drivetrain of a prototype vehicle you are asked to implement the part that determines the requested torque based on the user input. The user does this by pressing the throttle pedal. There are multiple options regarding the throttle pedal, but for now the engineers seem to have selected one that produces two analog output signals, which are connected to a microcontroller. The relation between the analog signals (redundant for safety reasons) and the pedal angle (min = 0 degrees, max = 30 degrees) are as follows: - `adc1 = 0.5 + 0.1 * angle` - `adc2 = 1.0 + 0.08 * angle` Where adc1 and adc2 are voltages and the angle is in degrees. These analog inputs require some basic low pass filtering (moving average). This pedal angle corresponds to an amount of torque that the motors must provide. This torque is not only dependent on the pedal angle, it’s also dependent on the current speed of the vehicle. The torque for each speed and pedal angle can be found in the graph below. ![pedal map](./doc/Pedalmap.png) In case something goes wrong, in our prototype an LED should light up on the dashboard to indicate something is wrong (in a real production vehicle an error message will be shown on the instrument cluster).

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They give you an assignment which has the question like this. Obviously one is allowed to decide what he wants and documents everything or every assumption made. However you are not allowed to ask them questions about the assignment The exercise exists in the implementation of a non-volatile memory storage component. This component should be able to backup and restore values corresponding to a unique attribute identifier. For the simplicity of the exercise the underlying non-volatile memory (eeprom, flash, …) can be modelled as a file. Component Specification • Implement the basic implementation of this component based on following API description: typedef unsigned char UInt8; typedef UInt8 gpNvm_AttrId; typedef UInt8 gpNvm_Result; gpNvm_Result gpNvm_GetAttribute(gpNvm_AttrId attrId, UInt8* pLength, UInt8* pValue); gpNvm_Result gpNvm_SetAttribute(gpNvm_AttrId attrId, UInt8 length, UInt8* pValue); • Make sure the implementation supports different datatypes for pValue. Some examples: o Basic datatypes like UInt8, UInt32,… o An array of UInt8 o Structs like for instance: #define MAX_LENGTH 20 typedef struct { UInt8 id; UInt32 options; UInt8 length; UInt8 data[MAX_LENGTH]; } gpTestData_t; • Ensure the implementation discovers and corrects corruptions in the underlying storage. • Extend your solution with a unit test. • Pay attention to optimize knowledge transfer to other developers

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What programming language do you like, what language do you dislike?

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Telefonisch: vragen over specifieke ervaring en kennis.

How do you draw an UML diagram of a class and a derived class?

How do you design a On-the-air firmware update for a low power device.

Write a code that lists anagrams in list of given strings. [Live coding]

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