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Er werd een Embedded Firmware/Software Engineer gevraagd...28 juni 2013

What techniques would you use to reduce power consumption in an embedded system?

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Sleep modes, reduce refresh operations

Sleep modes and refresh ops and if you have a fully static design, completely stop the clock. Minder


What kind of data structure would you use to store data from a serial receive line?

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Another one would be a ring-buffer, which is sort like a queue and easy to implement, especially if you make them a power of two. With either method (queue, ring buffer, etc) you'll need some way to make sure you can tell the transmitting side to stop (XON/XOFF or RTS/CTS) Minder

A queue (First in, First out [FIFO] )


Describe the two different uses of the "volatile" keywork in C.

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It's to inform compiler that the variable may be altered runtime by another process. This is actually pretty useful in debugging using ICD, you can modify volatile variables and the new value will be used in execution in the instruction that's following your modification. Minder

One is to turn off compiler optimaztions that remove loops with global variables. Minder

Larsen and toubro e engineering solutions

What are the primary data types?

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I said int, char, float but I missed to tell void data type.


Basic questions on C,Assignment was on SAME54 board.

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I was selected for all the rounds and at last they said i was rejected due to internal level changes.I request the candidates not to attend interview in this company and do not waste your time.Instead try in some MNC's where all the rounds will be done in one single day.The people at 75f do not value the time of a candidate. Minder


If someone gave you a list of requirements, tell me how you would go about implementing them?

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First thing I analise the requirement what tha client need


Static variable related questions

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With ease.

Infineon Technologies

Heavy technical questions related to Embedded Systems.

1. Basic C/C++ 2. Personality Test 3. Graduate Research Project

American Megatrends

Register writing and reading by embedded c

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