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Er werd een Facility Security Officer gevraagd...2 maart 2021

I cannot remember exact question

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I answered them all with what they were looking for


I was asked by the HR recruiter what percentage I met the qualification requirements

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I not only met the requirements but I exceeded the requirements. This was obviously not taking into consideration. It was all supported by my resume. Minder


what would it take for you to make a move to Mantech?

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Greater opportunity for advancement.


What are your short term and long term goals? How do you handle difficult people no matter what their positions is?

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Establish a Great Security Program and Become the Director of Security. Treat everyone Fair and never do anything Unethical, Immoral or Illegal to bring discredit upon the Company. Minder


Asked me about how my past experience would translate to the position I was looking at.

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Explained my past experience.

Cape Fox Shared Services

Why are you leaving your current employer?

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I answered honestly.


Questions about areas I was unfamiliar and not experienced. My background didn't cover IT systems or SIPRNET/NIPRNET

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I made it clear that I had no background but was willing to learn


How much are you cureently making?

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Market Rate.

Global Consulting International

They asked me other questions about experience on my resume not applicable to the applied for position. They were asking for future outlook and new contract lanes.

Ultra Electronics

They asked me about my experience working in this position.

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