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IA Collaborative
Er werd een Graphic Designer II gevraagd...20 maart 2018

Asked me to walk them through my portfolio.

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Presented my portfolio - went through all projects listed.

Thank you for your feedback. Part of our interview process involves inviting team members from other disciplines to talk to our candidates; we do this because of the highly collaborative, multidisciplinary nature of our work. Additionally, we love to talk about our work, and welcome all candidates to ask. We of course have to maintain confidentiality on our work as requested by our clients, but aim to share applicable information to paint a picture of the type of work we do at IA. Minder

iBlue Consulting

Você estaria interessado para contrataçao CLT ou PJ?

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Estou disposto a negociar, dependendo de valores e responsabilidades. Mas nesse momento dou foco a contrataçaõ CLT. Minder

Impaq International

The one question that kept coming up was: Which do you prefer, print or web design?

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It was a choice I did not want to make. I was looking for a position that involved both mediums. My answer state that. Minder


Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

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Hopefully have risen up the ladder, hope to still be here and doing what I love—design. Minder


What brands do you follow and look to for inspiration?


Describe a recent project you're most proud of.

Farmers Insurance Group

Give an example of a time that you failed or struggled with a project? How did you respond?


How do you live out our core values?


How do you feel about IT industry, (as is how do you feel about working for Microsoft).


How well do you work on a team?

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