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Sollicitatievragen voor Graphic designer in Nederland


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What made you interesting in applying for this position? What kind of task do you think you'd be responsible for?

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I love to design for people, not clients. My tasks will be user/information research, conducting brainstorm sessions, conducting usability testing, creating prototypes

Code a post-card using html css in 30 mins

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Wat zijn je cijfers van de middelbare school?

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Q: What is your dream job

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Brief inquiries, such as motivation and portfolio assignment

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Why do you want to work at summum woman?

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A colleague of yours talks to you privately and gives you some pretty tough feedback, which touches you on a few soft spots. You definitely disagree with their feedback. What reaction are you most likely to have?

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Which of the following statements best describes how you feel towards the role you applied for? 

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Kan je met behulp van je portfolio uitleggen wat jouw werkwijze is?

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Why do you want this job?

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