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Er werd een Insurance Customer Service Representative gevraagd...31 maart 2017

How I would resolve a call from an angry or agitated customer when payment of their claim had been delayed.

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I always respond to a client by saying "How may I help you?" Listen carefully to them and let them vent their frustration while staying calm. Get details and respond as quickly as possible whithin the guidelines and coverage applicable and check status. Minder

Central Bancorp (CO)

How comfortable am I with Excel? Also a barrage of the personality, situation-specific questions they downloaded from the internet, even though they were not all "give a specific example of a time you resolved a conflict/got others to see your point of view/you achieved a personal goal/blah blah blah...

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I am good with most Office products, and I had researched these same situation-specific questions I might be asked and gave them prepared, BS answers to match their BS questions. Minder

American Automobile Association (AAA)

They will ask you questions in regards to what you like to do for entertainment answer honestly. The company likes those who work an play hard

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I informed them that I play multiple instruments and enjoy cats

Auto Club of Southern California

Tell me about a time when . . . Behavioral Situation Questions

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Have a couple of situations ready.


Working with customers can be challenging at times. Describe one of the most stressful times.

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One time at my previous job I had took a phone call and the customer had asked if we was still making a seasonal drink after I told them no they go very upset and started cussing at me. So what I did was just listen to them and let them finish afterward I explained to them that I could make a drink similar to the drink they wanted. They had asked me what was in it after I described the drink to them, they had calmed down and said they would be on there way to try the drink, they had then said thank you. Minder


Is being on time important to you?

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I said "yes" and highlighted how not being on time or showing up to work can have a negative impact on your coworkers. Minder

BMO Financial Group

Describe a difficult experience with a customer you were not able to reslolve.

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I provided two examples. My solution was simply to offer advise for future claims and to reinforce the particulars of the client's policy regarding the problem area. Minder


.tell about a time you had to speak to a co-worker about...and how did you handle the situation and what was the outcome. Questions were about 15 in total.

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I explained that these situations have to be dealt with constructively and an example. However, many times this is out of our control due to department's guidelines. Example: Most of the time this is handled by a supervisor and/or manager. During my interview I met with (5) managers one asked questions while the others took notes. Aetna staff were very courteous, professional, informative, and made me feel very comfortable. By what I saw when I was in their office, it really seems like a great place to work! I pictured myself working there and I know this will be a great fit for me. However, it's totally up to the hiring managers as to who is more qualified for the position. Good luck to all the job seekers out there!! Minder

Little River Healthcare

What I would do to attack working on past due accounts.

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Work the highest and oldest first.

Rogers Benefit Group

I was asked what I thought about a particular statement, which was read to me. The statement had something to do with a particular definition of manipulation and the fact that people can manipulate situations to get what they want.

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I said everyone does that to a certain degree. For instance, you present only the best side of yourself in a job interview in order to get the job. I was told that I had been the only candidate to ever answer the question honestly (LOL). Minder

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