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Howard County Government
Er werd een Inventory Management Specialist gevraagd...15 januari 2018

Why do I want to work there?

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I was at my former job for well over 10 years. It was time for a change. Decided to try public sector, over private sector. Minder

US Department of Veterans Affairs

What is the number one thingin life that I regret doing?

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Applying at the VA.


Do you know how to us Maximo?

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IBM Maximo Asset Management is an enterprise asset management software solution product produced by IBM. It is a solution which enterprises use to track the operation, maintenance and disposal of assets. Minder

US Department of Veterans Affairs

tell us about a time that you felt like you could have done things better, how would you have done it.

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There have been times when i felt like i had to get rude to make myself heard, i would take that back if i could. i likely would have waited to impose myself to have a discussion with the individual. Either that or i would have just sent and email up the chain. Minder

Fleet Farm

What do you know about our company

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The basics that I have been told by the manager, and the information posted on the internet Minder

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Knowledge of federal regulations about purchasing (FAR).

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That I don't attempt to memorize directives but have them available for quick reference. Minder


Tell me your strengths.... Tell me how do you react in stress conditions

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I just inform them what were my strengths and my reaction to stress conditions

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Describe a conflict with a coworker, how I handled it and what I learned.

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I described a situation that was a hostile work environment and that I learned that if there was no blow or weapon, it doesn't matter how uncomfortable another employee makes you. They didn't even flinch. Minder


Here is a graph representing the fill rate of one of vendors. In the last three weeks of the eight total, there is a sharp drop in fill rate, and our vendor is consistently below our fill rate target? What happened in those last three weeks? What if we come to the vendor and they disagree on those fill rate numbers?

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Vendor ran out of capacity and potentially took on another contract taking up some of their capacity that would have gone to us. If vendor disagrees, leverage our buyer power or develop strategy. Minder

Robins Air Force Base

Problem- solving was expected

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You get these questions typed up and you have 15 minutes to look over them before you answer them. Minder

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