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Bowhead Family of Companies
Er werd een Inventory Management Specialist gevraagd...19 maart 2022

Can you drive a forklift?


Leadership qualities in you from years of experience?


How do you understand your position, what is your challenge?


Please tell me about yourself.

Bridge Diagnostics (CA)

Typical what's your experience and situation and behavioral STAR type questions


Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?


We are having a promotion for a month for a new ceiling fan. By the first week we received all of the inventory for the promotion. By the end of the second week we ran out of stock. We were expecting 500 units sold per week. What happened? How much inventory did we have by the end of week 1? How can we salvage the situation?

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Supplier had a bottleneck. Look to other similar fan products that could be used as substitutes. Minder


We have a facility with only 500 sq ft. Here are five different products, their demand, price, and sq foot usage. What items should we store at this facility and why? How many of each item should be housed at this facility?

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Attempted to find the profit/sq foot for each item to determine based on sq ft which item would bring the most revenue. Minder


Here is a graph representing the fill rate of one of vendors. In the last three weeks of the eight total, there is a sharp drop in fill rate, and our vendor is consistently below our fill rate target? What happened in those last three weeks? What if we come to the vendor and they disagree on those fill rate numbers?

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Vendor ran out of capacity and potentially took on another contract taking up some of their capacity that would have gone to us. If vendor disagrees, leverage our buyer power or develop strategy. Minder

World Market

Which management style do you work best with?

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