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Kraft Heinz Company
Er werd een General Laborer gevraagd...29 juli 2012

On a scale from one to ten, rate me as an interviewer.

24 antwoorden

Can't tell you yet. I have to interview more interviewers and make a decision. Don't call me, I'll call you. Minder

You lost a point because you did not clarify what is best 1 or 10. You lost another point because that question is irrelevant to the position I am applying for. You lost another point because you asked me and I have no experience on rating interviewers. So, make the math and let me know the result before I keep adding deductions. Minder

Who needs scales? You're doing a great job. Keep it up.

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National Beef

Do you think you could handle the cold? Do you think you can perform the work and learn the job? When can you start?

6 antwoorden

I worked outside during the winter there's no issue. Yes I am a quick learner and work fast paced. Asap. Minder

I can start next week

Yes I think I can handle the cold and the work

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Can you lift upto 50 lbs?

5 antwoorden

Yes I am a bus driver at Canada post in renfrew

No way

Class 1 Driver

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HireQuest Inc.

What kind of work are you seeking?

4 antwoorden

Good working atmosphere fast Pace good environment friendly people teamwork and also self-motivated people. Minder

Hard labor, warehouse position, janitorial position and customer service representative position Minder


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Waste Management

Can you work for 6 days a week?

3 antwoorden




Anderson Pacific Construction

when can you work

3 antwoorden

as soon as possible

Whenever I am needed.

Whenever I'm needed

Tradesmen International

What experiences do I have?

3 antwoorden

Experience driving forklifts and running customer service as supervisor

Laborer and helper

Scaffold builder 5 years demo 2 years retail 2 years

Are you able to take the recommended safety training?

3 antwoorden



If a gate a well good for me

HTH Companies

Are you willing to travel

3 antwoorden





Do I have tools for job

3 antwoorden



Yes. If the job requires a special tool currently not in my arsenal, I will purchase it. Minder

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