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Er werd een Machine Learning Engineer Intern gevraagd...13 november 2019

Write a function to find the intersection between two arrays.

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there are many ways to write this function. If we want just to use native python language we can do : def inter(l1, l2): l3 = [v for v in l1 if v in l2] return l3 or we can for example use the intersection function like : def inter(l1, l2): l3 = set(l1).intersection(l2) return l3 Minder

AI Foundry

Have you worked on GANs? Describe how they can be utilized to augment a dataset of documents?

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I had worked previously on GANs in an academic project to produce image datasets. So I was able to answer the question Minder

VIA Technologies

What's the project's detail about?


- Given a dataset of demographics and vaccine usage dataset, how to build a model to predict how likely people to get vaccinated? How to interpret the models?

What is the most challenging part of your project? How did you solve this


A lot of questions about machine learning models, including random forest, neural network, and logistic regression.


recommendation system relevant question based on my project


What was the recent biggest decision you had to make?

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