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Sollicitatievragen voor Marketing coordinator in Nederland


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When was the last time you were under stress and how did you handle it?

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How did you react in a situation where you had to prove your point?

Pourquoi Marketing alors que vous avez un Master en Chinois ?

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Questions about previous experiences, about my personal life (what I am like, etc), specific questions about skills that are needed for the job (e.g. social media management, copywriting skills).

Tell us about your career? What are you strengths? What type of personality are you?

Lot of questions about personaility and if someone is used to an hectic environment

To the point question related to the role. Asked my point of view on day to day challenges they faced. Asked about my skill set concerning the role. All questions were relevant and necessary to uncover if I would be suited for the role.

What is your experience with setting up paid media campaigns on Facebook?