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I was asked some basic questions regarding the risk and return in different scenarios and how the risk analysis would be performed. E.g. Given a company with no previous record of transaction with us, why would we lend them the money?

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The answer is the bank can charge a high rate of return for the high risk client.

I was presented with a case where I had to calculate the probabilities given a case. Question as far as I remember: We have 100,000 clients with a default risk of 2 %. Each client is asking 2 Euros. Q1. What would be the minimum amount we can lose? Q2. What would be the maximum amount we can lose? Q3. What is the probability of 20,000 clients completely defaulting? Just tell us the formula. Q4. What kind of distribution does the Q3 represent?

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I was asked some basic programming questions which should be solvable by a 1st year Bachelors Comp.Sci student.

Basic questions - tell about yourself, discussion over personal test, they have asked to fill in earlier. Some simple scientific questions related to the position.

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