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Sollicitatievragen voor Senior account executive in Nederland


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Welke bijdrage heb je geleverd tijdens bepaalde sales trajecten?

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Duidelijk uitgelegd hoe ik sales trajecten aanvlieg en wat ik daarin belangrijk vind.

Waarom Salesforce?

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Why Remote? What is your personal story with Remote working? What kind of a team player are you?

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Wat is je motivatie?

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Wat denk je te komen halen?

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Why would you like to take on this role?

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Have you informed yourself about me, was one of the questions that I got asked What was your biggest deal What was a deal that you failed Are you willing to travel a lot Are you going to come into the office the day after a business trip Are you willing to contribute to the company culture / the DNA that we will implement from US in EMEA

What kind of sales person are you? A hunter, chaser or closer?

Account management. Olie en gas gericht. Autonoom.

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