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Technical questions are not for people who is memorizing everything. It is more for brief understanding of why we need it and what is the another option so that they check if you are confortable with the technology and are able to find your own solution for the questions.

Nenne einen Fall wo Sie mit unzureichenden Informationen Entscheidungen treffen mussten

Do you like our office? Can you feel the energy?

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you background, your knowledge about this job position and your own experience.

Does manipulating OSPF link cost to prefer one path over another may lead to asymmetric routing?

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The Questions are really not tough at all , just you must have had this exam before so that you won't be shocked at first sight

Vind je het leuk om je kennis en ervaring over te dragen aan je collega's op daarvoor georganiseerde kennisdagen.

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An example when you showed leadership?

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