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Er werd een NOC Operator gevraagd...3 december 2013

They want you to know about BASH and linux command line. They expect from you to be accustomed to repetitive tasks and willing to do night shifts. They point a lot about doing repetitive tasks.

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It doesn't matter how repetitive a task is, you can always try to find ways to do it better and improve the process. If they're repetitive you'll learn it quicker so you can focus deeply in task that require more concentration. Minder

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

how I handled stressful situations

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I work best with stressful situations and tend to provide my highest quality when time is essential Minder

Mediacom Communications

1.what is R.A.I.D? 2. Do you know what the NOC is and or do?

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1.Redundant Array Of inexpensive Disk. 2. Monitor the network and solve issues within the network using a ticket system Minder


What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?


What is DNS and how does it work.


Asked to give an introduction about myself and the experiences, and worked from there.


what is a ping? how do you ping a server/switch?

American Automobile Association (AAA)

Knowlegde level of vmware and Windows server


Interview questions fairly standard, not very technical but seemed happy I could demonstrate basic programming and networking skills


Layers that are present in OS I model.

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