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Er werd een Enfermeiro Auditor gevraagd...12 juni 2019

Qual seu maior defeito

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Equity Staffing Group

Questions from recruiter involved request for me to share private identifying information.

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I asked that the recruiters use a different type of identification for their purpose of sharing my resume and application information. Minder

Federação das Unimeds do Estado de São Paulo (FESP)

Qual era a minha decisão frente a um impasse entre o cliente e a operadora caso se depare com algum procedimento não coberto pelo plano.

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Buscaria alguma forma de cobrir a necessidade do paciente com outro procedimento que o plano cubra. Na saúde há formas diferentes de solucionar o mesmo problema. Mas isso junto com o médico e com o cliente. Minder

Grupo São Francisco

Qual outra área de atuação?

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UnitedHealth Group

Experiência Profissional e objetivos de vida

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Sintetizando minha experiência profissional e objetivo atual.

Matrix Medical Network

This was a poorly run interview; I don't recall any specific questions. I may have actually turned it around. The person who was supposed to conduct my interview did not show up. Instead a person who had just joined the organization and told me she had returned from a location where the company was fazing out the office so she could learn everything that needed to be learned to run this office. I couldn't help but inquire how forthcoming the office staff there was knowing they were all being relieved of their job duties and in doing so to provide her with all she needed to know to run this office effectively.

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It simply didn't sound like good organizational policy to me and I had to question to myself if employees at this location would someday be in a similar position. I was open about my thoughts as to what I desired in a cultural climate that would meet my professional needs and expectations. Minder


Questioned on what I would expect typical care to be for common admissions (pneumonia, CHF, etc).

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They’re still in the hiring process…


O que é DUT?

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Diretriz de utilização

UnitedHealth Group

Why united health care?

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Industry leader over 39 years in buisness, solid company, i relate to its core values, its international in over 125 countries aside from the United states including Brazil. Minder

UnitedHealth Group

Why are you leaving your company?

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Seeking for growth oppotunities, to build upon skills acquired.

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